Ski Vive’s mission is to make your holiday as fabulous as possible. Relax and take in the amazing views from the comfort of the chalet, enjoy wonderful home cooked food, and ski or snowboard to your heart’s content

We, Mike and Ali, worked in London for many years before deciding to make a career out of our two great passions, skiing and food.

After several years working for other chalet operators and learning about the chalet business we decided we could use our experience to run our own business to deliver exactly the service we and our guests wanted.

Finding Chalet La Fugue was the final piece of the puzzle. A stunning chalet in an ideal position in central Meribel but with a country feel away from the busy roads and noise.

As both the owners of Ski Vive and your in resort managers we are perfectly positioned to be adaptable to your needs and to provide exactly the service you require.

Chalet Clementine Apartment Gentiane and Chalet Gaillard fit perfectly with our ethos, being both beautiful and in stunning locations.

Our staff share our passion for ski-ing and particularly for Meribel and Mottaret. Their culinary skills are excellent and they will make your stay fun and relaxing so you won’t want to leave.

Ali Bateson


Ali co-founded Ski Vive with her husband Mike in 2012. Prior to that she worked 4 seasons as a chalet chef and chalet manager in Les Gets and Meribel Mottaret.
Ali’s background is in law and accountancy, she has a degree in law and is a certified chartered accountant with experience in various industries from media and design to transport and logistics and most recently charitable foundations.
Her passion for ski-ing and cooking brought her to the mountains. She was vegetarian for 25 years and appreciates the importance of catering for special diets. She designs the menus for the chalets and is involved in all aspects of running Ski Vive.

Mike Bateson


Mike co-founded Ski Vive with Ali in 2012. He had 4 seasons previous experience working in chalets and loves the mountains.
Mike is an outdoor enthusiast and despite his degree in maths and management and his ACCA accountancy qualification he hates to be stuck behind a desk and prefers to get first lifts. And that means the very first lift that leaves, not somewhere vaguely around 9am.
Mike is organised and dedicated to you having the most excellent ski holiday possible and will do everything he can to help you achieve this. He is involved in all aspects of running Ski Vive.

Honor Binning

Chalet Clementine

Honor has worked in the outdoor education sector for number of years, quickly progressing through the ranks into management. Growing up in the countryside developed her love and passion for the outdoors and meeting Dylan has encouraged this further. They are returning to Chalet Clementine this year and make a great team.
Honor has completed two cross country skiing expeditions in Norway and loved her season Alpine ski-ing last year, ending by giving snowboarding a go, she can't wait to hit the slopes again in December.
Her outgoing and enthusiastic personality, along with her experience in the outdoor sector and in hospitality will ensure you are well looked after at Chalet Clementine.

Dylan Pereira Da Silva

Chalet Clementine

Dylan is originally from South Africa and moved to the UK in search of new experiences and addressing his wanderlust. He was brought up in a family dedicated to the hospitality industry and experienced all aspects of it in the family owned restaurant. He is outgoing and sociable and despite having never seen snow until last season he is a natural skier, and has spent all summer practicing tricks to try in the park. He is as enthusiastic about his cooking as he is about his skiing and he is looking forward to welcoming guests again to Chalet Clementine with Honor.

Caroline Austen

Chalet Gaillard

Caroline is lively, fun loving and outgoing. She has a passion for the mountains and comes alive when she's walking or skiing.
Her varied work experience includes Chalet Management in Val d'Isère, Financial Management and Education. She has travelled extensively and volunteered in projects across the globe. She and Tim have just returned from Nepal where she taught in a remote village and trekked in the Himalayas.
Caroline's love of cooking and her talent for creating a genial atmosphere lead her naturally into the role of chalet host. Both she and Tim look forward to ensuring a warm welcome and a memorable stay at Chalet Gaillard.

Tim Clarke

Chalet Gaillard

Tim is the archetypal 'all-rounder', with a background including Policing, Education and Property Maintenance. He has volunteered in health camps, disability support and wildlife conservation in the UK, Africa and Asia.
Although coming to skiing late in life (having met Caroline) he now adores taking to the slopes, although he is the first to admit that his technique is interesting! He loves the outdoors but also appreciates spending time in a cosy environment with a little tipple, great food and good company.
Tim's maturity, previous experience, gentle kindness and attention to detail makes him a great choice as chalet manager and host.

Jacob McShane

Chalet La Fugue

Jacob has a huge passion for food, whether it be preparing meals for close ones or having a simple sandwich after the gym. He has helped in the kitchen since he was a young child (Mainly just to fill his face with food!). He is an adventurous explorer who loves to get outdoors at any given chance, and he is looking forward to hitting the slopes even though he thinks he will be falling over many times. He and Tal worked together over the summer and know they make a great team. Jacob's enthusiasm and hospitality experience will ensure all our guests needs are well looked after.

Tal Landy

Chalet La Fugue

Tal Landy was born and raised in Israel where he was involved in the family hospitality business. He moved to Ireland when he was 14 where he continued in the hospitality industry and trained as a chef.
During his time in Ireland he was introduced to the joy of skiing and fell in love with it immediately, working in a ski chalet for the winter is a dream come true.
He met Jacob when they worked together at a summer camp in France this summer. With Tal's cooking skills and Jacob's hospitality experience they make a great team and are looking forward to welcoming our guests to Chalet La Fugue.